Agri View


Multi-Spectral Camera

The Agri-View is a low cost airborne multi-spectral camera system designed to capture full resolution three band images at a reasonable price. The Agri-View system is designed with an integrated GPS unit to assure geographic coordinates of each image. Agri-View integrates proprietary preflight, mission planning, and image processing software. Integrated software includes Flight Planning Software (FPS), Spectra-View Remote and image processing Band Match.




  • 4872 x 3248 pixels
  • Dynamic Range 12 bits each band
  • Green 520-610 nanometer
  • Red 620-730
  • Near Infrared 770-970
  • Additional bands are available.


  • Electronic 1/100 - 1/1000 (No moving parts, no life limits)

Light Metering

  • Images are viewed in flight. Exposure times are set by the operator from histograms for each band.


  • Each camera/lens combination is totally mapped for radial distortion, PP, MTF, and Flat Field using Airborne Data System's propietary CHARLIE® Calibration System.


  • 71.5 degree FOV cross track (custom optics available)
  • 51.3 degree FOV cross track (custom optics available)

Camera Deck

is custom built for aircraft
  • Size: 8 inch diameter by 7 inches tall
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Humidity: 5-95% Non-Condensing
  • Operating Altitude: 25,000 feet Non-pressurized


  • Size: 11x14x17 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Humidity: 5-95% Non-Condensing
  • Operating Altitude: 25,000 feet Non-pressurized

System Power

  • Total system power is 300 watts at start up and 200 watts continous at 10-30 Volt DC.

Image Storage

  • Solid state removable drives. Drives are swappable in flight.
  • Non-pressurized to 25,000 feet. Maximum storage rate is 2 camera cycles per second.


  • Position (m) 10
  • Altitude (m) 20


Flight Management System

Flight Planning Software (FPS)

  • Plans flight lines and image centers from shape file or corner coordinates. Calculates image center positions to include side and forward overlap. Calculates number of scenes and mission time. Provide a visual display. Automatically recalculates flight lines and image centers in flight to provide full coverage in changing altitudes.

Spectra View Remote

  • Provides link between the Spectra-View camera system and the System Operator. Provides visual display of the health of the DGPS/INS, cameras, processor and image storage system at start up. Allows System Operator to set shutter speeds and aperture settings to maintain highest quality data for the flight conditions. Displays the camera information in visual quality and histogram format for each camera and respective band.

Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)

  • Displays the precise position of the aircraft in relation to flight line. Displays proposed and actual heading, altitude, speed, flight line number and beginning and ending waypoints.


Processing Software

Band Match

  • Band registers individual bands to sub-pixel registration.
  • Exports images as camera corrected three band, TIFF images with header files.
  • Exports processed images to assigned files.



All ADS Agri-View systems carry a 90 day warranty, excluding optics. This guarantees 24-hour replacement from our inventory. The systems are replaced, not field repaired, and are shipped same day express freight. All systems have an option for an extended warranty.