Airborne Data Systems, Inc. (ADS) offers three proprietary software modules that interface with the Spectra-View, Recon-View and Agri-View camera systems. These modules are Flight Planning Software (FPS), Spectra-View Remote, and Band Match. Flight Planning Software and Spectra-View Remote are integrated into the Flight Management System (FMS) and Band Match is the image processing software. This combined software suite integrates flight planning, flight operation management and data processing.

Flight Planning Software plans flight lines and image centers from shape files or corner coordinates. It calculates image center positions to include side and forward overlap as well as the number of scenes and mission time. It also provides a visual display and automatically re-calculates flight lines and image centers in flight to provide full coverage in changing altitudes.

Spectra-View Remote provides a link between the Spectra-View camera system and the system operator. It provides a visual display of the health of the DGPS/INS cameras, processor and image storage system at start up. It allows system operator to set shutter speeds and aperture setting to maintain the highest quality data for the flight conditions. It also displays the camera information in visual quality and histogram format for each camera and respective band.

Band Match is ADS's proprietary image processing software which is very tightly integrated with the Spectra-View camera system and can be operated in flight.

It takes into consideration:

  • Shutter and DGPS/INS integration
  • Camera and lens calibration using ADS's proprietary
  • Charlie® Calibration System
  • The use of all available processors in the PC
  • Encourages software duplication

The outputs as a function of Band-Match:

  • Photogrammetry software ready files
  • Geo-rectified images
  • Ortho images from stored DEM files