Spectra-View is an airborne multi-spectral camera system designed to accommodate up to eight different cameras. The cameras can vary in size, format, and wavelength from ultraviolet to long wave infrared. The Spectra-View system is designed with a fully integrated INS unit providing precise, fully automated geo-registration of the images.

The Spectra-View processor is the core design element of an ADS camera system and is integrated into the company’s completely modular product line. It integrates the power conditioning and filtering, camera timing, image storage, GPS/INS, and remote aperture drives. It also supports the FMS and Spectra-View Remote software.

Spectra-View integrates proprietary preflight, mission planning, and image processing software. Integrated software includes Flight Planning Software (FPS), Spectra-View Remote and image processing Band Match.


Advantage Spectra-View

Software Suite

Software specifically designed for our Spectra-View camera system.